Class Evaluations

Please select the corresponding link for your GRI class. After the last question in the evaluation, you will be directed automatically to the online exam.

If you are a GRI Designee, you DO NOT have to complete the exam. Just click “proceed to exam” to register your evaluation.

The evaluations/exams will close 48 hours AFTER your class at 5:00pm.



January 13 | GRI Financing | Scottsdale | Ritchie

January 19 | GRI Safe Real Estate | SEVRAR | Hibler

January 19 | GRI Agency | Phoenix | Onnen

January 25 | GRI Market Essentials | Prescott | Mabery

January 25-26 | GRI Contracts | W. Pinal | Fuchs


After you have finished, your score will be displayed on the screen and a results report will be sent to AAR. You have the option to view the questions you missed along with the correct answers after your score appears. You may also print your test score and keep it for your records.

GRI exams require a 70% passing grade. Your grade will reflect in your GRI record within 10 business days.


GRI Last Class Info

If this is your last class in the Arizona GRI series, send an email to upon completion of the class notifying her of your completion as well as forwarding her a copy of your completion notice/test results. There is a last class fee of $25 for anyone starting the program after January 1, 2013.