Q. Will I receive CE and/or GRI credit if I only attend a half day or one  day of a two day class?

A. No.  Each class must be taken in its entirety to receive both CE and GRI credit.

Q. One or more of my classes has expired. Will I lose GRI credit for those courses?

A. If the expired course is within two years of expiration, the exam for the course can be retaken for $25. This will extend the class for five additional years.

Q. How will you keep track of what classes are taken that are not native GRI classes (REBAC/rCRMS)?

A. Non-GRI classes taken at any Arizona local association are added to your record within 10-14 business days.  If you take any non-GRI classes online or at any location that’s not a local association, you will need to email Brittni Matt a copy of your completion certificate(s):  BrittniMatt@aaronline.com

Q. I earned my GRI in one state, is my GRI still valid in Arizona?

A. Yes, once you have earned the GRI, all other states will recognize it.

Q. I took some GRI classes in another state, are the classes valid in Arizona’s GRI program?

A. Perhaps. We will grant credit for courses that correlate to Arizona’s GRI courses after successful completion of the Arizona course exam.

Q. My GRI designation does not appear in NRDS. How do I get this to appear?

A. AAR is your point-of-entry for GRI data for NRDS. Please contact AAR and we will submit the information to NRDS.

Q. When will I receive my GRI completion certificate and pin?

A. Graduate packets are mailed the first week of every month.  You will receive your packet the month following your last class.

Q. I want to use the GRI logo on my business card. Where can I get an image to use for print?

A. Downloadable images are available on the GRI website. Additional logos can also be found on NAR’s website.

Q. Where can I get a list of GRI alumni in Arizona?

A. To search for current AAR members who hold the GRI designation, go to the Find a REALTOR® directory page of this website, and select GRI as the designation.

Q. Who should I contact if I have additional questions?

A. Please email Brittni Matt with additional questions:  BrittniMatt@aaronline.com