Getting Started In The Program

The Arizona GRI program is split into three categories:  Skill Building, Risk Management, and an Elective category.

Twelve classes are required to earn the designation and most of them provide continuing education credit.  The GRI Requirements Form lists the classes approved for GRI credit.  ONE class from each row must be completed.  Any class listed on the form with a grey background is no longer offered.  Another class from the row can be taken to fulfill the requirement.

Classes can be taken in any order and at any association listed on the calendarTo get started in the program, simply select and register for your first class.  The registration forms and links can be found under the “Registration” tab.  After a student completes their first class, the remaining classes must be taken within a five year period.

Classes will be added to student GRI records within two weeks following completion.  rCRMS and most REBAC courses can be taken for dual credit.  This gives students the potential to earn several designations/certifications while going through the GRI program.  REBAC courses can be taken live or online.  If a REBAC course is completed online, the completion certificate must be emailed to

After all twelve classes have been completed, students must fill out the GRI Requirements & Last Class form and email it to  Graduates are processed the first week of each month.  Confirmation emails and graduate packets will be sent to the graduates at that time.


Most GRI core classes (classes with “GRI” in the title) require open book exams following each class.  The exams must be completed online within 72 hours after the class.

REBAC classes require no exam.

rCRMS classes require no exam.

Approximate course costs:

  • A one day GRI class = $65-$89
  • A two-day GRI class = $89-$120
  • A one-day REBAC class = $79
  • A two-day REBAC class = $159
  • Online REBAC class = $90 – $295
  • A one-day rCRMS class = $69
  • A two-day rCRMS class = $89

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