Continuing Education Credit

All requirements must be completed within five years from your first class. A last-class fee of $25 is due and payable with your last module registration. To view the current requirements, please click here.

Module Continuing Education Credit Recap

Please note:  the CE hours listed for REBAC classes may vary depending on which school you attend.

General Contract Law Agency Law Commissioners Standards Legal Issues Disclosure Fair Housing

GRI: Business Planning Online


9 3

REBAC: SRES (Senior Real Estate Specialist)

6 6

REBI: SRS (Seller Representative Specialist)

6 3 3

GRI: Performance Strategies to Build Client Relationships

REBAC: Marketing Strategy & Lead Generation

REBAC: Buyers by Generation

GRI: Financing from Preparation to Closing


rCRMS: Essential Skills for a Successful Closing



GRI: Market Essentials

3 3

GRI: Risk Management

3 5 3 3

GRI: The Anatomy of the Code of Ethics

3 3

rCRMS: Federal Legal Issues

3 3

GRI: The Contract Class

8 3 3

rCRMS: Mastering the Residential Resale Transaction (Live Class)

9 3

rCRMS: Mastering the Residential Resale Transaction (Remote Class)

6 6

GRI: Agency


rCRMS: Employment, Agency & the Standard of Care

3 3