Continuing Education Credit

All requirements must be completed within five years from your first class. A last-class fee of $25 is due and payable with your last module registration. To view the current requirements, please click here.

Course Continuing Education Credit Recap

Please note:  the CE hours listed for LIVE/LIVE STREAM REBAC classes may vary depending on which school you attend. Online REBAC classes don’t provide CE credit.

General Contract Law Agency Law Commissioners Standards Legal Issues Disclosure Fair Housing

GRI: Business Planning Online


REBAC: SRES (Senior Real Estate Specialist)

REBI: SRS (Seller Representative Specialist)

GRI: Performance Strategies to Build Client Relationships

REBAC: Marketing Strategy & Lead Generation

REBAC: Buyers by Generation

GRI: Financing from Preparation to Closing


rCRMS: Essential Skills for a Successful Closing



GRI: Market Essentials

3 3

GRI: Risk Management

3 5 3 3

GRI: The Anatomy of the Code of Ethics

3 3

rCRMS: Federal Legal Issues

3 3

GRI: The Contract Class

8 3 3

rCRMS: Mastering the Residential Resale Transaction

(Live Class)

9 3

rCRMS: Mastering the Residential Resale Transaction

(Live Stream Class)

6 6

GRI: Agency


rCRMS: Employment, Agency & the Standard of Care

3 3