GRI Core Class Course Descriptions

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GRI Business Planning Online

Now is the time to create or review your business plan and build your foundation for success!

Every REALTOR® should possess the skills required to operate as an independent business within a real estate brokerage. Your business plan is a living document used as a guide to develop and grow your business.

This online course is delivered in a multimedia format with audio and self-assessments. There is no exam required for this class.

GRI: Performance Strategies to Build Client Relationships

Real estate is a business based on relationships. Understanding how to adapt your communications style to all buyers and sellers and deliver a professional presentation is imperative.

This one-day course will cover strategic steps to improve your communication skills, assess buyer and seller needs and overcome all forms of objections. There is no exam required for this class.

GRI: Financing from Preparation to Closing

Protect your transaction – recognize the red flags of the loan process. This one-day course covers the life cycle of the financial aspect of the transaction. From navigating the process from pre-qualification through close of escrow, agents will be able to interact with lenders with confidence and convey information to the client.

GRI: Market Essentials: Property Conditions

Learn the impact property issues have on a transaction and how to avoid them blowing up the deal. Understanding the pros and cons of property characteristics will help you manage the expectations of your buyer or seller.

GRI: Risk Management

Risk management can affect your bottom line. Protect yourself and your broker from risk and learn how to identify negligent behavior and misrepresentation that could lead to lawsuits and complaints.

GRI: The Anatomy of the Code of Ethics

Let your professionalism shine. Learn how to apply the Code of Ethics in your day-to day practice to enhance your professionalism.

This class meets the NAR Ethics Training requirement. Need to check your Code of Ethics status with NAR? Visit the NAR website.

GRI: The Contract Class

Harness the power of the contract and put even the most chaotic transactions back on track. In this course, we will review the contract line by line, and examine other related forms, so that you can learn to protect yourself and your clients.

GRI: Agency

Understanding where you and the prospect stand with each other, is the first step to a successful and lawful client relationship is. Gain the confidence you need through the understanding of AGENCY.  This key concept is the first element to any conversation you have with the public. This course will teach you the differences between single agency, limited representation, and the dangers of implied agency.


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