The GRI Scholarship Program

NAR studies show that the top performers in most real estate offices are GRIs. Getting a GRI designation means taking your real estate career to the next level with advanced training, advanced information and advanced skills.

Experienced real estate practitioners and instructors provide proven techniques for attracting new listings, generating more sales, working within the law and enhancing your own professional image.

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Scholarship Application

The 3rd quarter request period will open on June 5th.

2017 3rd Quarter Scholarship Details:

  • Scholarships will be awarded quarterly, via lottery selection.
  • Applicant must be an active member of AAR and a member in good standing.
  • Applicant may be a sales agent, broker, or manager.  Members who hold the GRI designation are not eligible.
  • An applicant may apply for TWO scholarships in 2017.  Scholarships cannot be requested within the same quarter.
  • The scholarship course must be a GRI core course*.  rCRMS/REBAC/PMBC classes do not qualify.
  • Submitted forms that do not meet the scholarship criteria will NOT be considered.
  • Request forms must be submitted to AAR on June 5, 2017.  Forms received before or after this date will NOT be considered.
  • Recipients will be selected via random number draw on June 6, 2017.  Approved members will be notified via email.
  • The scholarship will cover the full EARLY registration fee for one class in the 3rd quarter (July – September 2017).
  • The applicant is responsible for the remaining balance of any late registration fee.
  • After recipients receive an approval email from AAR they must pre-register and pre-pay for their scholarship class.
  • The early registration fee will be paid to the student by AAR after successful completion of the course.*
  • If a recipient cannot attend the class they must cancel their registration in advance or forfeit their eligibility for future GRI scholarships.
  • Students who do not take the exam in the exam period, will forfeit the scholarship.

*GRI core courses include “GRI” in the title.

*Successful class completion includes passing the exam within the exam period.

 Refer to the 2017 Education Calendar for a schedule of 3rd quarter GRI classes.