The GRI Scholarship Program

NAR studies show that the top performers in most real estate offices are GRIs. Getting a GRI designation means taking your real estate career to the next level with advanced training, advanced information and advanced skills.

Experienced real estate practitioners and instructors provide proven techniques for attracting new listings, generating more sales, working within the law and enhancing your own professional image.

Submit an application for the GRI Scholarship!

Scholarship Application:


Applicant criteria:

  • Applicant must be a sales agent, broker, or manager, and an active member in good standing of the Arizona REALTORS®. Members who hold the GRI designation are not eligible.
  • Applicant may be approved for a maximum of two scholarships in 2024. Students cannot apply for two scholarships in the same month.
  • New scholarship recipients will be awarded first each month. If there are any scholarships remaining, they will be awarded to anyone applying for a second one.

Scholarship criteria:

  • Applicant must select one of the classes listed on the online request form.
  • If approved, recipients must attend the class selected on their scholarship entry.
  • Entries that do not meet the scholarship criteria will NOT be considered.
  • Recipients must pre-register for the approved scholarship class after receiving the approval email.

How to Submit the Request form:

  • On the date listed on the online application/scholarship email, click on the “Scholarship Online Request Form” link listed above to fill out the form. Forms submitted before or after the entry date will NOT be considered.
  • Recipients will be selected via random number draw and notified via email within two business days.

Reimbursement criteria:

  • Recipients must register for their scholarship class by the date listed in the approval email. No payment will be required UNLESS the registration fee is more than $75.00. If the class registration fee is more than $75.00, the student will be responsible for paying the additional amount. (The scholarship covers up to $75.00 of the class registration fee).
  • If the recipient does not register for the class, they will be considered a class no show and lose their scholarship eligibility for 2024 & 2025.
  • Recipients who do not successfully complete the course, do not take the required GRI exam within the 3-day exam period, or fail the exam retest, will be responsible for paying the full registration fee.

Cancellations/Class Changes/Class No Show:

  • If the recipient cannot attend the scholarship class, they must cancel their scholarship and registration in advance or forfeit their eligibility for future Arizona REALTORS® GRI scholarships.
  • Recipients will be granted one pre-class cancellation in 2024. If a student is unable to attend their scholarship class, they cannot transfer the scholarship to another class.
  • No show students will be ineligible to apply for a GRI scholarship for two years following the missed class.